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The Need

Client has requirement of sending SMS Broadcast messages to their customers or members.
SMSZone customers could be divided into two categories:

  • Customers who integrate SMS Module to their softwares or website
  • Customers who purely use SMSZone to promote their products by visiting portal.

Customers have a need to create groups of their members ex: Buyers, Sellers, Leads etc. Customers also need to integrate Incomming SMS that is sent to a short code. Ex: If customer of SMSZone user sends message to the shortcode of the user, then a dynamic response is sent to the customer of the user. Ex: If the customer sends BONANZA STORE to 57333 he gets response of the store locations of bonanza.
200+ countries ; 600+ telecom networks coverage .

The Solution

SMSZONE.IN is a web platform for (Transactional sms, Marketing/Promotional SMS,Two-way sms, SMS Integration, Bulk SMS,Mail2sms, Website-SMS Integration services).
SMS Zone combines the power of a networking site,
(Quality & PREMIUM SERVICE) - a marketplace site and a payment gateway to give users an unparalleled experience. It is extremely easy to use for instant sms.
It is used for bulk sms marketing, to send cheap sms , forward email to sms and integration for sms gateways.

Our users can vary from Bank, Stock Broker, Insurance Agents, Financial institute like finance company, Branded Stores, Educational Institute, Schools, Marketing Agencies, Web development company, Customized solution provider, Event companies.
Companies in general to market their product to Software companies who wish to Integrate their products with SMS service.
Infrastructure Management Companies for sending Alerts when a Infrastructure is unavailable.

SMSZone is strictly against spamming. This means that we do not condone unsolicited messages, notifications, alerts or any message that you may receive from someone who should not have your address or mobile number. The members of SMSZone choose to receive the content via SMS. Hence its not unsolicited. The member can choose to leave the groups they do not wish to receive messages from at any point of time.

Technologies Used

Portal is developed using Ykode Platform, The Gateway Software is built using Visual Basic and .NET 4.0

SMS Zone

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