There is no substitute for
hard work

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How we work?

We work with you, for you and for your business interests. For us, your growth indirectly would be our growth.

Moryaas have been diligently implementing systems which are benchmarked against the best in the market and ensuring that the service delivery is streamlined against your needs.

For us, every new client or a project is a challenge as well as an opportunity to redefine our limits of excellence. Hence, we involve the client in every step for maintaining transparency in communication with them. Moryaas has further attuned its service offerings to being a service provider to a partner and a definite partner in progress.

At Moryaas, meeting the delivery dates and quality benchmarks every single time for projects are very important.

Our Methodology

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis
  • Structure Designing
  • Development
  • Testing & Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance & Support

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Requirements gathering is an essential part of any project and project management. Understanding fully what a project will deliver is critical to its success. This may sound like common sense, but surprisingly it's an area that is often given far too little attention. Hence, requirements gathering and analysis is critical for the success of a systems or software project.

For the simplicity we document your entire requirements and thoughts about you application/ web portal/ any project to be developed.

Structure Designing

Depending on the requireemnt we create wire frames to begin with. Then decide the entire structure of the project. Designing element and the X-factors to make it unique. Creating the template for you and getting it finalized.

We have regular review meetings at every step with you at every intervals to ensure that your vision is manifested in the documentation process. And there are no visual gaps.


Once the above is done, we work on our project development plans and milestones based on the deadlines of each project. Our experienced project managers can anticipate your needs to ensure quality and timely delivery every single time with all the technological specifications.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Next step is testing and quality assurance by the experienced coding team . They takes up this respossibilty abd have repetitive checks and balances to have regular internal reporting to manage project delivery plan.

Maintenance & Support

More than anything else, we know that a good delivery is only possible with the support and cordination for maintainence. Hence, we are always here to listen to your queries.