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Company Profile

Moryaas Digital Pvt Ltd (MDPL) was established in year 2009 by Rupesh and Amsihi. It took over a 12 year old software unit in 2011. Today MDPL is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing with revenues close to half a million dollar.

At Moryaas we offer following technology services

- Software Products as Services.
As a software product company we have come a long way. We have close to 5000 happy customers, in India, USA and Gulf nations. We have been able to create an identity as one of the qualified and experienced "Software Product company and Technology Partners". We were the first to begin Software as a Service SAAS model in India. Long term relationship and trust is what we believe in. We continue to strive successfully to satisfy the varied tastes and requirements of our customers.

- Customized Software or Customized Web Development Service.
Moryaas Digital Pvt Ltd is one of the upcoming web design company providing online solutions. It is a multi-skilled software service provider with a highly competent workforce and strong global presence. Professional Software and Website Designing, Software and Web Development, E-commerce Solutions, Graphics Designing, Website Maintenance, services for your business. We offer customized software development & web designing services at flexible and low-cost in the competitive market. Prices will vary depending upon what you need.

- Consulting Services.
We provide business consulting, technology, and outsourcing services through our partners in major locations world over to build tomorrow's enterprise. We engage with our customers right from the stage of business creation to scaling up and operation maintenance and support.

At Moryaas our founding principles are honesty, transparency, simplicity, value creation and Dedication and individual rights. These core values have remained and are still guiding force even today.

You would always find us honest, this has been our foundation stone. Therefore, honesty is not just a value we stand for but even we expect that from our partners, employees and stakeholders. In our eyes, it is dignified, ethical and a true sign of mutual respect.

Transparency and Simplicity
We believe in keeping things simple, transparent and uncomplicated. We believe that simplicity enhances both productivity and performance. We would ensure we embark on only projects we truly understand and we can deliver.

Value Creation
Value creation for us means, ensuring that buyers of our products or services get right value for its price, we ensure that the resources are optimally utilized, we belive we should make money only if we create money for our customers and investors. We think out of the box, we innovate and  revolutionize the way business is done and thereby create wealth, create opportunities and create value for every client and investors.

We believe There are 100 ways in achieving your goals, we have to choose the one which is right, even if it has 100 obstacles on the way.

Individual Rights
This core value represents the human side of Moryaas as a business entity. We believe it is our responsibility as an organization to inspire, encourage and reward the human beings who work for and alongside us. We respect every individual's right to choose what is best for him/herself at any given point and the freedom to act in accordance. Our means to success has and always will be encouragement. And not coercion.