SAM - Soldier Admin Management

SAM is an ERP for day to day activity of an Army Regiment. It covers over 18 modules which makes an regiment paperless. Modules Incorporated are Regimental History, Personal Management, Dues In /Out Management, Applications Management, Pension Doc. Management, Visitor Management, Ammunition Management, Tel Exchange Management and many more..

Users : Regiments of An ArmyArmy Unit

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  • Description

    SAM is an ERP for day to day activity of an Army Regiment. It covers over 18 modules which makes an regiment paperless.

    The SAS application is an IT AUTOMATION project for Indian Army. The following are the key features of the application.

    • Personal Management
    • Add new Member (Army Men) details, Edit Personal Details of Army Person, Search Army Person , View , Leaves and warrant details, View Arms details, View Ammunition details, View Firing/Training details, View / Add Interview details, View Movement Orders, View Profile of Army Man, Add Education details, Change Education details of Army Person, List and Delete Education details of Army Person, Add family details, Change family details, Show/delete family details

    • Interview Management

      Add Interview details, View past interview details, Manage (Rights) Interview details (Only to be seen by respective army man or his senior)

    • Kote Management
    • Issue weapons to Army Man, Return weapon from Army man, Report on Issue and Return of Weapons, Report on weapons currently issued

    • Ammunition Management
    • Issue Ammunition to Army man on authority letter, Return Ammunition from army man, Lot-no wise report of issued ammunition, Location wise report of issued ammunition, Add new procurement of Ammunition, Return of Ammunition, Lot No and Type wise Ammuniton Stock Report

    • Leave Management
    • New Leave Request, Leave Recommendation, Leave Approval, Leave Rejection, Personal Leave Certificate, Change Personal Leave Certificate, Family Leave Certificate, Change Family Leave Certificate, NYR and Deserter Reporting, Leave Cancelation Reporting

    • Warrant Management
    • Visitor Management
    • Vehicle Management
    • Vehicle In / Out Management
    • Project Management
    • Grants Management
    • Noting Sheet Management
    • Telephone Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Escalation Management
    • Pension Doc. Management
    • Dues In /Out Management
    • Parade State
    • Other Master Management
  • Testimonials

    Rupesh was the man behind development of an Employee Relationship Manager (ERM) for the Indian Army unit which I commanded. His ability to grasp the requirements, translate them into data flows and come up with simple, user friendly yet comprehensive solutions impressed me most. The software application (Soldier Administration Management (SAM)) that his team developed intrigued each and every individual in the unit. He and his team were able to upturn the initial skepticism to passionate acceptance and I as the Commanding Officer was more than pleased to see my men becoming IT savvy after using SAM. He has the uncanny ability to develop good business relationships and personal rapport. A solutions man, Rupesh is ideally suited to provide automation solutions through innovative utilization of technology. Col Sumit Monga
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