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SMSZONE.IN is a web platform for bulk sms service / Transactional sms alerts/ Marketing / Promotional SMS / Two-way sms / SMS Integration / Bulk SMS / email to sms / Website-SMS Integration services). SMS Zone combines the power of a networking site.

Users : Each & every one interested in Bulk messaging/ expanding his/ her business and Companies interseted in SMS integration for support.

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  • Description

    SMSZONE.IN is a web platform for Bold (Transactional sms, Marketing/Promotional SMS,Two-way sms, SMS Integration,Bulk SMS,Mail2sms ,Website-SMS Integration services). SMS Zone combines the power of a networking site, (Quality & PREMIUM SERVICE) red & bold - a marketplace site and a payment gateway to give users an unparalleled experience. It is extremely easy to use for instant sms.
    It is used for bulk sms marketing, to send cheap sms , forward email to sms and integration for sms gateways.

    Our users can vary from Bank ,Stock Broker ,Insurance Agents, Financial institute like finance company,Stores /Branded Stores ,Educational Institute, Schools, Marketing Agencies ,Web development company ,Customized solution provider ,Event companies,Companies in general to market their product to Software companies who wish to Integrate their products with SMS service.Infrastructure Management Companies for sending Alerts when a Infrastructure is unavailable.
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    ICCSMSZone has done a remarkable job in helping us increase our sales and also helped us keep connected to our customers by way of daily alerts and messages.few other ... anup to help get testimonials from other people
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